Anticipating Biscuits

I predicted since I binged last night on pizza, popcorn, and wine, I would gain five pounds. So I woke up dreaming of a Hardee’s biscuit.

I figure, I gained five pounds anyway, I might has well have one of those flaky delicious buttery biscuits with a perfectly round sausage on top.

Fact is, I only gained 2 pounds. Now I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I should just get back on track right away. Before I even have breakfast and derail my 3 pound net loss. Sure it was only a loss in my mind’s math, but obviously my mind is a powerful tool.

In fact, Shawn Achor tells us (I’m reading The Happiness Advantge) our minds anticipate results and act accordingly. We anticipate what’s going to happen and actually act on that outcome before it comes out.

I assumed I gained five pounds and I dream of biscuits. It’s more complicated than that but what if I could use this power of anticipation for good?

What if I believed I was going to lose weight? If I was sure my efforts would pay off in pounds, off. Not the binging last night mind you, but those times I really am making an effort. What if through positive thoughts and concentrated, deliberate visions of success – I could actually create success?

The research indicates this may be possible. For now, I think I’ll keep my three pound loss and count it as a small win. And remind myself not to anticipate a prized biscuit.

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