Next size up

I have an anxiety disorder. One of the symptoms is that I sweat. Profusely at times.  I just went to Macy’s to buy a suit jacket in the next size up, so that I have one that fits me for client meetings this week. I was leaving my cousin’s baby shower and since I was already out and about, it made sense to pop in. I know Macy’s has plus sizes and I can pretty much count on Jones New York to work.  Easy. I knew exactly what I wanted, and even the size I needed it in.

Jump to me in the dressing room, drenched in sweat, wiping my face with a maxi pad.  The store was extremely busy – owing to the 25% off sale, the nice weather, or possibly because the other half of the city decided to celebrate Mardi Gras indoors.  Anyway you write it, the store was swamped. And so was I.

Maybe the next time I want to eat a king’s size portion of cake I’ll remember it is just not worth it.

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