Dodging Donuts

Yesterday I made progress. I went to the grocery store and didn’t buy a donut.  Truthfully going to the grocery store and coming home with just one donut would have been progress, but I came home with none.  Which was a very deliberate decision. I of course stopped by the bakery to view the beautifully buttered crusts.  But after a few deep breaths of sugary sweetness, I steeled my reserve and walked on.

I thought about donuts all day.  Obviously I’m still thinking about them because I’m writing about them.  They are so yummy.

Standing at the bakery, I told myself I would feel bad after I ate a donut. And even worse after I ate the second.  It comes quickly.  Donuts are so good, then they make me feel very bad.  So I passed.  I’m still thinking of it and I’m not sure exactly how I feel.  I am not very bad, so I suppose I dodged the donut.

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